Industrial Collaboration


There are many ways for collaboration between  The Nottingham Trent University and the industrial community. As an industrial researcher and academic, with a long-standing track record of working with industry, Dr. Amin Al-Habaibeh is in the enviable position of providing support and assistance to industry in a variety of ways. Please do not hesitate contact me if you have further queries.


Possible channels of collaboration include:

Industrial Placement

Our BSc and BA product design students who are registered for a sandwich course can spend their third year in industry. For more information you can either contact myself or the placement office, email:, Tel: 0115 848 6426


Student Project

During the final year of their studies, our student can work with an industrial organisation on their final year project. The project is normally a short-term research project with well-defined objectives.


PhD/MPhil Research Collaboration

PhD/MPhil  research is a suitable option to work on long-term projects. In this option the company will provide support (or partial support) to a student to work on solving complex problems or providing solutions for long-term problems with significant contribution to knowledge.


Postdoctoral  Research Collaboration

For problems that require experienced researcher, a post-doctoral researcher can be funded by the industrial collaborator  to investigate solutions to complex problems that would require extensive research and development.



This option can be used to solve short-term complex problems. If you think you need the expertise that I possess for solving some of the engineering/management   problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (previously known as "TCS")

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership mission is to strengthen the competitiveness and wealth creation of the UK by the stimulation of innovation in industry through collaborative partnerships between the science, engineering and technology base of industry.
The Nottingham Trent University, proud of its long standing and extensive links with industry, has been successfully running knowledge transfer programmes for more than 20 years. Partnerships with companies, large and small, across the region have resulted in better products, processes, performance and profits.


Training Courses

Training your employees can give your business a competitive advantage. If do you think your employees need need training in the area of advanced manufacturing technology and operations management, Nottingham Trent University can provide a suitable course for your employees.


Other options

There are other opportunities and support from local agencies to strengthen the relationship between academia and industry. For the current available opportunities, please contact me or the services for business website.




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