This academic year, I am lecturing in the following subjects  at Nottingham Trent University:



BSc in Product Design, CAPD, Industrial Design Innovation:

Industrial Design Project, Module number  PROD20201

BSc Major Project, Module number PROD30121

Computer Aided Design Project, Module number PROD20231

Design and Professional Studies, Module Number PROD20296

Applied Technology, Module Number PROD20298

Application of Advanced Technology, Module Number PROD30135

Design Realisation, Module Number PROD10267

Electronic Mechanical Design, Module  Number PROD20300

Modern Manufacturing, Module  Number PROD30136

Design Realisation 2, Module Number PROD20297


Mechanical, Electrical and Integrated (Mechatronics)  Engineering:

Design and Manufacturing, Module number DESN30041

Control Systems Design, Module number ENGS30061

Power Systems and Control, Module number ENG30281

Control and Instrumentation, Module number: ENGS20041

Quality Management, Module number: SYSM30281

Engineering Science (Thermo-fluid dynamics), Module number: ENGS20051


MSc in Advanced Product Design Engineering

Advanced Product Design and Manufacturing Technologies (PROD40006).

Engineering Management (PROD40009)


Project supervision

Supervising a number of BSc and MSc projects in  Product Design, Mechanical engineering,  Electrical engineering and Integrated Engineering (Mechatronics).


PhD supervision

My academic work includes supervising PhD students in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Technology including product design, condition monitoring, mechatronics, product development, process modelling, digital manufacturing, condition-based maintenance, image processing, and operations management


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